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We are located on a small farm in southeast Indiana. On our farm we strive to be as self sufficient as we can. We have dairy goats, hair sheep, cows, pot bellied pigs, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, & guineas.

We have dairy goats for milk. With the milk I make homemade goat milk soap & lotion. It also makes great ice cream. We also drink our milk. Raw milk has wonderful benefits for your body & health.

Goat milk soap is great for your skin! Years ago soap was made with lard, water, & lye. I have kept with the old fashioned method of making soap with a few minor changes. I add coconut oil to help give the soap lather. Instead of water I use goat milk which makes a very moisturizing bar of soap. Once the process of soap making is done, the lye is no longer present as a harsh chemical.

Soap fact: You can't make soap without lye!!

Along with dairy goats we raise pigs to butcher. Pigs grow out great on excess goat milk! We usually take orders in the spring for the pigs. I pick up the number of feeder pigs needed to fill orders. While not strictly pasture raised, our pigs do enjoy the sunshine & fresh air. They are confined in a pen, but a pen large enough to allow them to run & root & be a pig.

We have added some cows to the farm also. We currently have one heifer which we will keep to breed. We also raise a few bottle calves when we can. These will be raised for meat and we will hopefully be able to offer meat from them once butchered.

We also raise pasture raised meat chickens every year. We also take orders for these, but we do try to keep enough in the freezer for the in between orders we get. Our chicks are Cornish Cross & also Freedom Rangers. They start out in our brooder room & are moved outside when they are big enough. We put them in chicken tractors which are just movable pens. They are moved to fresh grass every other day or as needed. We feed a non medicated feed to them. Nothing beats the taste of fresh, pasture raised chickens!

Along with the chickens we usually raise a small amount of turkeys. Again, they are kept in pens outdoors & allowed to roam & do what they like to do. They are also fed a non medicated feed.

We have quite a number of layer hens for egg production. We sell chicken eggs, & also duck & goose eggs when available. We also sell laying hens when we have extras.

We also offer butchered rabbits. We raise New Zealand & California meat rabbits. They are wonderful meat breeds. We sell them live or processed.

Some of our animals are for our petting zoo. Kids love to see the different animals when they come here. Our pot bellied pigs are strictly pets & love attention. As of now the sheep are just pets too.

We would love for you to stop in & visit!

Products Available

Goat Milk Soap

$4.00 per bar

Bars Average 4 oz. each

Scents Available:


April Showers

Baby Powder

Bay Rum

Berries & Cream

Caribbean Coconut

Citrus Splash

Cucumber Melon

Dragon's Blood

English Rose

Eucalyptus & Mint

Farm Fresh

Forever Red


Georgia Peach


Honeysuckle Hollow


Irish Spring




Lemon Zest (with added cornmeal for scrubbing)


Lily of the Valley




Oatmeal & Honey (with added oatmeal & honey)

Old Spice


Pure Rain

Sage & Cinnamon


Sweet Rain


Urban Cowboy


Wild Honeysuckle

Goat Milk Lotion

4 oz. - $5.00

8 oz. - $10.00

Scents vary. Contact me to see what's available. I usually have Vanilla & Lavender on hand.

Hand Made Quilts & Baby Quilts (prices vary)

Crocheted Dishcloths & Scrubbies - $3.00 each

Crocheted Afghans (prices vary)

Counted Cross Stitch Items (prices vary)

Jams & Jellies

8 oz. jar - $5.00 each

Apple Jelly

Blackberry Jelly

Blueberry Jelly

Cherry Jelly

Grape Jelly

Mixed Berry Jelly

Red Raspberry Jelly

Blackberry Jam

Blueberry Jam

Peach Jam

Red Raspberry Jam

Strawberry Jam

Local Honey

1 lb. - $10.00

3 lb. - $20.00

Pure Michigan Maple Syrup

1 pint - $10.00

1 quart - $20.00

Half Gallon - $30.00

Locally Made Pottery (prices vary)

Homemade Lip Balm - $2.00




A Large Variety of Crafts

Fresh Free Range Chicken Eggs

$3.00 dozen

Fresh Duck Eggs (in season)

$5.00 dozen

Fresh Goose Eggs (in season)

$6.00 dozen

Processed Chickens

$3.00 per pound

Processed Turkeys

$4.00 per pound

Processed Rabbits

$20.00 each

Fresh Goat Milk

I am licensed to sell for pet use only.

$6.00 per gallon

I also have produce available in season. Fall time brings mums & pumpkins to the farm.